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Facilitating Public Deliberations

Aug 25, 2020

Max Hardy was one of the earliest adopters in Australia of deliberative methods such as citizens’ juries.

Currently, he is working primarily with local and state governments and government authorities.

After many years Max has retained his early enthusiasm for facilitating public deliberations, in particular...

Aug 10, 2020

Marcia Dwonczyk has been facilitating for decades and it shows. Her tremendous experience will be invaluable for those who are new to facilitating public deliberations. Marcia’s primary role is on the Leadership Team of the international Partnership Brokers Association but she has also facilitated a number of...

Aug 3, 2020

Dr Don Lenihan is Co-Chair of Open Government Partnership’s Practice Group on Dialogue and Deliberation.  He is an extremely-experienced facilitator with a willingness to share his immense experience with others. Much of his thinking, along with input from others in seven countries, can be found in the guides...